About Us

Welcome To Adu Amani

Adu-Amani , manufactures of authentic African indigenous shoes, bags and fashion accessories in Ghana . As part our mission to interpret the traditional Ghanaian or African identity to the world , the brand is a vehicle to communicate Ghana as well as Africa as a continent to the world.It is the aim of the clothing line to remain a household name and as such celebrated gloriously and globally as always been. Hopes are that people will remain excited and anxious to know what’s on the clothing line, the quality, completely beautiful and really good brand of products.

Apart from the Brand tagged 'adu -Amani' which originally represents where the shoes or products are coming, our unique design is something to remember from Home or Africa as a whole with a touch of African fabric added to the collection.

The most unique thing about adu- Amani is made in Ghana which makes as proud as well as our clients and of high quality, our products are carefully designed, well packaged and good finishing.

Clients are allowed to design their own shoes and customized to suits taste of collection: 80% of our designs are clients’ suggestion

We also believe in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long term relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

Our pricing is competitive and able to reach clients expectation and delivery high quality/excellent service

Currently use internet to sell and on order and delivery basis. It takes ten days from the day of deposit to be ready.
Do Not Hesitate to contact Adu Amani or any of our representatives for further enquires incase of any concerns, Suggestion and contribution, we will be please to help you.

Since we offer such an extensive choice of shoe styles, colors, fitting and sizes. It is often difficult for individual retailers to stock our attire range. However, the majority of our stock list/clients will be happy to order single pairs on behalf of their customers.
In this way, any shoe can be supplied in the colors, sizes and fitting specified on this site or in our brochure, a small charge may be incurred for this service.
Most of our shoes can be completely rebuilt by the same craftsmen who made them. Whenever the need of repair simply take them to your local Adu Amani stock list who will return them to our factory There are certain shoes however which cannot be repaired due to their construction.
Your shoes will give long and reliable service providing you follow rhese simple rules Always clean them regularly Always brush the surface after every use to revive nap
  • On the leather shoes remove all traces or damp cloth before applying good quality shoe cream or polish of thee appropriate color
  • For Suede shoes, remove all dirt when dry and brush up the nap with suede brush
  • For Material, Do not leave your shoes in the sun, this will fade colors
Do not clean material area with bleaching agent if soiled Allow mud to dry and gently wipe dirt off material in a sweeping motion
Good leather deserves good treatment and strong natural drying is always the best To keep shoes I perfect shape we recommend the libe of shoe trees and shoe horn

Our Collection

With a unique twist to our products and services we are sure of one on one dealing with clients and delivery is one thing we cannot do without,
we produce mainly five collections now namely:


Meaning "My Own" which is a suede male shoes with a trend of fabric behind, could be used in all kinds of weather as well as for any costume. This collection is mainly for men but on request we serve our female clients equally.


A very colorful and stylish product. The collection is made unisex so as to reach our large client base; it is with this collection that the skills and colorful imagination of adu-Amani comes to display. Each color and style displayed in this collection comes with a unique meaning and touch.


Shoes and bags neatly designed with Ghanaian handwoven original Kente cloth. Kente is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips and is native to the Akan ethnic group of South Ghana.


An Akan word meaning wood; these collections are made of wood.


An Italian word meaning pure leather. Which means the collection is made of leather.